“These hunters and volunteers for Special Youth Challenge Ministries are amazing and I am so glad I got the opportunity and hope there are many more to come.”
~SYC Guide

“We had such a wonderful time. So much love and caring went into making the weekend so special. Mitchell has a memory he will cherish for a lifetime and so do we. We look forward to coming back. Thank you for the fellowship and the time together.”
~SYC Hunter’s Mom

“SYC has helped me realize that just because I am in a wheelchair I can do things that I thought I couldn’t. SYC has helped me think of myself differently because I use to think that I couldn’t do many things, but SYC showed me I can. I think all kids should think about what they think, they think they can’t do and try to do it. I will always remember SYC for how they helped change my life.”
~SYC Hunter

Top 11 Reasons I love SYC: (1) A chance to be with people you like, (2) A Family, (3) Hunting, (4) A time to be with God, (5) The chance to feel normal, (6) Enjoying God’s great outdoors, (7) Having fun!, (8) Seeing old friends, (9) Meeting new friends, (10) Fellowship, and (11) Food.
~Megan (SYC Hunter)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you very much for the Christmas card and picture! I really appreciate you thinking of me! Drive safely in the bad weather! Looking forward to the turkey hunt! Also, I am planning to shoot a buck in the deer hunt… God willing! I really like my guide and mentors, Scott Wulfekuhler, Jake Carlson and Luke Kleinwolterink! My dad and I just finished cutting up/processing his small buck that he harvested two weeks ago. The small buck will make some great summer sausage and brats Later this evening I had a talk with my dad and told him I would like to help SYC when I become to old to participate as a hunter. Maybe volunteer to be a meat cutter/ processor with him. I enjoyed helping cut up his buck! I pray that Jesus will allow for more hunters to participate for me to meet and tell them his message for all of us. John 15 v.12: Love one another, as I have loved you!
~Graham Brown

On July 8, 2006 my son Zachary Olson was in a car crash and only had a 10% chance of living. He has gotten better but this year we were introduced to Special Youth Challenge Ministries and his life truly began again. In the short time that they were with Zachary he gained the confidence to truly try and do things on his own again. The turkey hunt saw Zachary moving his left side again and the deer hunt saw Zachary walking with a walker, I asked him what changed and he said that the people here treat him like a normal person and he saw himself as normal and not a wheelchair and so he gained the strength and confidence to work on his goals of walking again and he has. I wish to thank all of the people there, you gave me back my son, the greatest gift a mother could ask for.
~ Hope Barton

Thank you so much for inviting my son Connor on this year’s deer hunt. He was so excited and couldn’t wait to go. After our weekend experience we realized that you had surpassed any of our expectations.

Every person involved in SYC is truly top notch. We enjoyed the fellowship, the food, as well as the deer hunt. Connor also really enjoyed receiving the quilt and the sportsman’s Bible.

Connor has made a visible change in his character as a direct result from attending this year’s SYC event. SYC made him feel very special and I believe made Connor a much more confident kid. On Monday after the deer hunt, a dad of one of Connor’s classmates told me something that I feel sums it up. He said that his son came home and told him that the deer hunt in Iowa made Connor really smart. He said that every time the teacher asked a question Connor had his hand raised way up and knew the answer.

Now how’s that for confidence? Thank you so much! God Bless.
~Aaron Worden 

I am a quilter so I know how much work went into the awesome jean quilt you made our son. He uses it all the time. We are campers, so he gets to use it all summer also.bYour kindness is very much appreciated.
~Valorie Schmitt

Dear Darlene,

Thanks so much for the blanket. I ended up using it that same night. I can’t even imagine how many hours you put into that quilt. It was so beautiful. It is also really warm. What you are doing is great! Keep it up.

Thanks a ton,

The words “Thank you” do not seem to be near enough for all you guys did for us that weekend in Sept in Iowa! Ty’s favorite clothes are his camo pants & shirt! He wears those boots whenever he can & he still thinks no one will see him if he has it all on at once! Please, please thank everyone who donated time, money, effort, skills, homes, food, clothing, prayers-anything-to make that weekend work. I know my son came home a few inches taller because of his experience.

Ty never really fit in with kids at school or even church & this year it had been especially tough – But after the weekend in Iowa – he changed – he’s more confident now – he’s making new friends. I’m not the only one who’s noticed either – teachers – doctors – extended family – everyone sees a new man! Not only did Ty talk the entire 4 hour drive home to everyone we knew-he marveled at how kind everyone was, and that you all want Him to come back! He’s excited about turkey hunting now!

Thank you, Phil, for being persistent- the Lord knew Ty needed this experience & so did I- we were blessed beyond measure, filled to overflowing- by the remarkable generosity of people who don’t even know us!

Thank you for serving The King! We see Jesus in You all!

In Him,
~Penny Rassier & Ty

Dear Phil, Thank you for inviting me hunting in Iowa. It was awesome. Thank You,
~Ty Rassier

Thank you everyone at SYC for letting me come to Deer Hunt it was Great and SYC cooks for making food it was Awesome.
~Ryan Assmann 

Thanks for the good times. I really look forward to coming to the farm. I hope to see you all soon. Thanks again.
~Sam Foss

Thank you to everyone at this years deer camp! Special thanks to Rick & Josh for guiding Sam. Also thanks to Phil for keeping me up to date on what’s going on and to Mike H. for making sure Sam’s gear fits. Thanks to Jay for the awesome shooting set-up- hope Jay is feeling much better by now. Thanks to Denny & Kathy for being such grand hosts. Sam’s grandma really enjoyed getting acquainted with everyone both in August and at the banquet. Thanks so much for everything ya do! And to the ladies too! You are the best!
~Cindy Foss


Thank you so much for inviting my dad and I to be part of this years hunt. It was so amazing and when we came home people all over the community asked us about it. It was so fun and we were so touched. We made so many friends in one weekend. We hope we have the opportunity to come back next fall and maybe even in the spring. We will always remember our weekend at SYC and we are very thankful we were invited. That weekend made me so much closer to God! Thank you for hosting us.
~Troy and Mackenzie Lewis

We had such a wonderful time. So much love and caring from everyone went into making the weekend so special. Mitchell has a memory he will cherish for a lifetime and so do we. We look forward to coming back. Thank-you for the fellowship and the time together.
~Sharon Tuttle

For everyone at SYC I am Mitchell’s father writing we had such a wonderful time with everyone there and probably the most memorable thing that we have done together for quite a little while. Loved being around all of the people and so did Mitchell and Mom. What an awesome Bunch of individuals if there are Better people anywhere in the world I would have to see it. Well I will leave the rest of this page for Mom to write thanks to all of SYC organization it was Awesome!
~Mitch R Tuttle

Dear SYC, Thank you for allowing me to come to the 2008 Deer Hunt. I had so much fun and I’ll hopefully come again to the turkey hunt. This is a great organization and I’m glad that I could be part of it. Sincerely,
~Cole Madson

Wow, Isn’t God Awesome! He is the God of details to make this hunt come together for us. Thank you Phil and Cherri for taking time out of your busy schedule to provide transportation for us. We had the time of our lives and we owe you a great debt of gratitude. Thank you.
~Logan (Jonathan) Morris 

Thank you for your service to the Lord with SYC. It’s a wonderful organization. I hope it keeps growing. Your generosity has truly blessed us. You will receive jewels for your crowns for the works you are accomplishing, obeying the Lord. Thanks Jay & Char and all the others that made Logan’s dream come true and caused us to seek Him more.
~Rick Slocum 

To our Deerest SYC members,

God Bless All of you! You are the best bunch of people ever. We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for Jake and our family over the last years. Your love of Christ and hunting has been a joy for our family. You all have touched our hearts and we want you to know how grateful we are. It started the first day you let Jake be a part of your organization. I thought at first it was good to have Jake do something on his own but realized we were missing out also. We have felt nothing but comfort being around all of you. Most of all thank-you for loving Jake! You all are such good friends. I have learned a lot from your group and love to see you all.
~Jake’s Family 

Dear Denny and Kathy Somers,

Thank you for having the SYC turkey hunt 2006. I always have great times. I will see you soon.
~Chad Sorenson

Thanks for teaching me how to shoot a gun and thanks for helping me bag a deer.
~Sam Foss

I cannot remember everyone’s names, but we thank all of you very, very much!
~Cindy Foss

Thanks for the wonderful time. Can I have Marc Gustafson and Mark Graves as my guides again? Thanks for everything you did for me. I really enjoyed everything. I really appreciate it. It makes my life so much better. I’m happier after the hunt then before it. See you at the turkey hunt.
~Megan Hoy 

Thanks for the great time. What an event that you guys put on. Megan just loves everything about the weekend from the dinner on Friday to the sleeping in the lodge; she loves being in the field and seeing deer and turkeys. Thanks for making her feel so special these are the times that will we never forget. Thanks for everything!
~Mike Hoy 

Thank you for all that you have done! The world is a better place with folks like you. Words cannot express our gratitude. Keep up God’s good work. Thank you.
~Ryan Assmann Family and especially Ryan Assmann 

Thank you to the guys from SYC. I really liked hunting. Thank you for the gun and clothes, also thank you for the letting me come and all the stuff you gave me. I really liked all of the things you gave me.
~Megan Hoy

To all the members/volunteers of SYC our sincerest thank you. What an overwhelming feeling to be included in such an event. Megan truly had an experience she will remember a lifetime, from the time spent getting her ready (clothes, teaching, etc,), to the handmade quilt. Though we may not remember your name, your thoughtfulness will not be forgotten. Thank you for a great weekend!
~Megan Hoy, Kim Hoy, Mike Hoy 

S.Y.C. Thanks so much for everything during the turkey hunt. You made me feel really good. Thanks a lot for the crossbow its like an early birthday present. I really appreciate it. Thanks again.
~Megan Hoy

Thank you for sponsoring S.Y.C to have helped us prosper.
~Spenser Baskerville

A big thank you to all sponsors and volunteers who support SYC of NW Iowa. Due to your generosity I’ve been allowed the opportunity to go hunting and share God’s great outdoors with my son Spenser. Thank you and God bless you all!
~Steve Baskerville 

Dear Denny and Kathy Somers,

Thank you for letting me come down for the deer and a duck hunt. Also for the hunting bible, doe head, duck meat, great food, and a lot of fun. Can’t wait for next time.
~Chad Sorenson 

Thanks very much for the wonderful time, and all the special memories from this hunt and the others. The donations of time, money, land, food, equip and effort that make this hunt possible are wonderful and truly appreciated. Without all of this it hardly would be possible to undertake and endeavor such as hunting.

We had a truly wonderful time and our heartfelt thanks go out to all who participated and donated to make it possible. The planning and hunts always go so well that we can’t begin to comprehend what goes into putting this hunt together.

God bless you all for all the effort and goodwill that make this possible. We know we are truly blessed to live where people make something like this possible.
~Bryce Wiley and Family 

I cannot believe we just had our fourth SYC deer hunt. You people are the ones that make these hunts happen for us kids.

Thanks you so much for donating your time and effort to make this all work. To the people who built the blinds, land donors, guides, cooks, speakers, and so many more. Without all of these things we wouldn’t be able to enjoy a weekend like this. This year 3 hunters go deer. The weekend is also about being with your friends and loved ones, having fun and learning about the outdoors and fellowship. It means so much to be able to enjoy the great outdoors, this would never happen without your help and support.

Thanks again,
~Nicole Hintz Nicole’s Mom found this paper that she had written in 2005 after her 1st deer hunt

Last Friday I went hunting with SYC. They help kids with special needs to hunt, they give you everything you need to hunt. SYC has helped me realize that because I am in a wheelchair I can do things that I thought I couldn’t. SYC has helped me think of myself differently because I use to think that I couldn’t do many things, but the SYC showed me I can. I think all kids should think about what they think they can’t do and try to do it. I will always remember SYC for how they help change my life. Thank you,
~Nicole Hintz

Dear Mike,

I was just writing to thank you personally, and all the fine sponsors of the SYC hunt. The hunting opportunities that you and SYC provide disabled youngsters are some of the most memorable experiences that they will have in their entire lives. If it weren’t for meeting you at Erik’s house at this barbeque, I would have missed out on a hunt that I will remember for the rest of my life. I know that there were many great sponsors that contributed to this hunt, and I would like to thank all of them equally, but a few stand out in my mind. First and foremost, forgive me for being unable to recall who provided and prepared the food, but it was all very good. I was a bit concerned, coming into the trip about how much I was going to have to eat. I think I ate better in Iowa than I have in all 2 ½ years at college. I would also like to thank Mossy Oak Apparel for providing me with some great camouflage gear. It was very warm and comfortable, yet I could still move in it easily. I will be using it for many hunting seasons to come.

I would also like to thank Pheasants Forever. The experience that I had hunting Pheasants this year was my first attempt at bird hunting, and it was indeed a challenge. But with the much appreciated help of Dan Ellis I was able to bring down three of the birds.

I would also like to thank my two guides, Marc Gustafson and Nate Anderson, the two very intelligent and experienced gentlemen that assisted me in harvesting, tracking, dressing, and hauling my buck. They were great fun to talk to and share stories with in the blind and shared knowledge that I will take with me on every hunt from here on in. Perhaps the most valuable lesson I learned from Nate was to always wake up on time.

Lastly, I would like to thank Denny Somers, whom without I presume this hunt could not have taken place. He donated his land and his lodge for us hunters and I would like to thank him for his kind hospitality. Once again, the food was excellent, and the living arrangement was comfortable. And I greatly enjoyed the company of the fellow hunters as well as Zack. I don’t know what I would have done for those few days without a guitar to play.

SYC is a wonderful organization with a most admirable mission. Once again, I would like to thank all those involved with providing for all the SYC hunts, and I would like to wish everyone involved many safe and enjoyable hunting seasons for years to come.

God Bless.
~Eric Komar

Dear Denny and Kathy,

I had a blast last weekend! You told us to go look at what God has made us. Little did I know what I was going to see? Saturday I saw it that was cool! I didn’t care that I didn’t get a turkey. Just being able to see that was enough for me. Before this hunt, I had not even got to see a turkey. Because of that I liked deer hunting better. Going on this hunt made it fun again. God Shows.

I hope I don’t ever forget. I can’t wait for the next hunt. Thank you for such a neat weekend.
~Nicole Hintz

I would like to thank the S.Y.C. organization for making this hunt possible. Most of us kids with special problems can’t go hunting because we have trouble getting around or don’t have someone to go with us. The S.Y.C. people are great at finding ways around our problems and they really want us to have a safe and fun time. A special thanks should go to all of the individuals and companies that donate their time, products, services, food or money to make our hunts successful.

You guys rock!!!!
~Matt Petersen